Posted on 2021/01/15

Men Impossible

We decided to switch our sustainable container (MI sustainer) to "SwapBox" for Take-Away service. Please refer "SwapBox" website:

1.Your Take-Away order process with "SwapBox"
- Please register on "SwapBox web App" before using the service.
- Please choose "SwapBox" from 3 options (SwapBox, Your own container or Disposable paper container) when you make an online booking.
- At pickup, please show your ID. You don't have to pay a deposit fee anymore.
- Please return the "SwapBox" within 2 weeks at our restaurant or Drop-off points near you.
ATTENTION: After 2 weeks, you need to pay 1 euro or you need to buy the container if you don't return it.
2. If you still have MI sustainer(s)?
Thank you for your choice of "MI sustainer" so far. For our customers who keep it so far, we would like to offer the following 2 options until the end of February.
Option 1: To become an owner of "MI sustainer" with a bowl of AMAZE Men for free. No refund of deposit fee "5 EUR".
Option 2: To get the refund of deposit fee (5 EUR)
Please bring the container back to our restaurant. We will refund your deposit fee (5 EUR)
ATTENTION: This offer will end at the end of February.
Thank you for your kind cooperation! If you have any questions, please contact us.
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